Data Thirst provides a range of freelance data consultancy services. 


Big Data Transformations

Using Databricks,  HDInsight or Spark to perform large scale, high performant ETL’s. Be it with Streaming Data or with large volumes of logged text data we help design efficient & reliable pipelines that keep on scaling as your load does.

Building on our DevOps experience to implement solutions we have worked on pipelines that:

  • Multi-Terabyte data processing pipelines to Data Lakes and Warehouses, including complex data types such as images, geospatial and JSON.

  • Live Steaming – high-volume pipelines to provide real time transformations to your BI tool of choice, or to feed Machine Learning algorithms for decision support.

  • Integrated testing - before Apache Spark this was near impossible to do on traditional ETL toolsets. Now it is possible to use functional programming techniques allowing for code validation and thus reliable pipelines.

    We can also help upskill existing teams from the more traditional relational world to re-use their existing SQL skills in a Big Data world.


Modern Data Warehouse

Moving from traditional warehouses to a Modern Data Warehouse architecture is complex but rewarding problem. Our experience with Data Lakes, Ingestion tooling and various BI products enables us to bring working best practices and principles to your data pipelines.


Microsoft SQL Server

We have extensive experience with SQL Server for On-Premise and Cloud solutions. Data Thirst can help with architecture or performance (health check) scenarios.