Liquix - The Modern Data Warehouse


Simple Modern Data Warehouse

The Modern Data Warehouse is fast becoming the defacto warehousing method for businesses of all sizes. With the ability to support vast ranges of data sources and huge quantities of data it can out perform traditional relational warehouses by speed and scale. A well implemented warehouse has the ability to adapt to changes quickly, to add new data sources with simple configuration only, handle schema changes, and to simultaneously run multiple versions of itself.

Liquix is the foundation to implementing a successful Modern Data Warehouse. Our solution comes with builtin templates and examples which can be used to quickly build your Modern Data Warehouse using best practices with tried and tested practices.

Using the Microsoft Azure Data Platform Liquix provides and fast and flexible warehouse for ingesting and serving data across your business.


Visual Pipelines

Understand your data connections.

Discover bottlenecks in your pipelines to understand how you can get data insights to your users quicker. If any failures are happening you can quickly see the downstream impact as well as manage the service.

Map your data to a star schema or enrich fast streams of data using the Liquix builtin transformation methods.

Schema Evolution

As time passes your needs will change. Businesses change direction, add new products, and diversify. Your Data Warehouse should be able adapt quickly as well. Traditional warehouse have rigid schemas which are slow and cumbersome to change. Liquix uses a schema versioning methods to quickly add new attributes and entities - even run A/B versions in parallel to migrate downstream applications over time.


Fast to implement

Out of the box Liquix can incrementally extract data from source databases, applications & api’s with minimal effort. This data is organised into a Data Lake for downstream pipelines to process.

Custom code can be scripted to perform your transformations and integrated into deployment pipelines that test and release the pipeline.

Data Lineage

Visually trace what data sources are connected to your warehouse. Understand how metrics are calculated and where your data goes. Utilise services such as Azure Search on demand to find data for “Right to be Forgotten” scenarios.



Liquix includes a monitoring and configuration application for you to control your data flows and view the performance. Each pipeline generates a set of statistics and diagnostics traces to help troubleshoot problems. Underneath it uses Azure Monitor to integrate with existing monitoring tools that you have today.

Idempotent Data Pipelines

Never worry about failures again. All pipelines are designed to be fault tolerant and re-runnable. Control mechanisms enforce processing order preventing user error and data loss.