Databricks-Connect in a Container


Today I have published a set of containers to Docker Hub to enable developers to create Databricks-Connect Dev environments really quickly and consistently.

These are targeted at dev using PySpark in VSCode. Though I suspect it will work for Scala and Java development as well.


Because setting up Databricks-Connect (particularly on Windows is a PIA). This allow:

  • A common setup between team members
  • Multiple side by side versions
  • Ability to reset your environment
  • Even run the whole thing from a browser!

Getting Started

  • Open an empty folder in VS Code
  • Create a directory called .devcontainer
  • Create an empty file in the directory called devcontainer.json
  • Paste this code into the file:
        "context": "..",
        "image": "datathirstltd/dbconnect:6.4.1",
        "settings": {
            "python.pythonPath": "/opt/conda/envs/dbconnect/bin/python",
            "python.venvPath": "/opt/conda/envs/dbconnect/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyspark/jars"
        //  Optional command - could add your own environment.yml file here (you must keep --name the same)
        // "postCreateCommand": "conda env update --file environment.yml --name dbconnect",
        // Rather than storing/committing your bearer token here we recommend using a local variable and passing thru "DATABRICKS_API_TOKEN": "${localEnv:DatabricksToken}",
        // You can manually set these as environment variables if you prefer
        "containerEnv": {
            "DATABRICKS_ADDRESS": "",
            "DATABRICKS_API_TOKEN": "dapia12345678901234567890",
            "DATABRICKS_CLUSTER_ID": "0000-11111-hello123",
            "DATABRICKS_ORG_ID": "1234567890",
            "DATABRICKS_PORT": "8787"
        "extensions": [

IMPORTANT: Correct the image tag to the version of Databricks Runtime your cluster is running. Currently we only support Databricks 6+ * Update the Databricks Variables for your environment * Optionally add any additional extensions you want to the extensions block.

IMPORTANT: Changing any setting in the devcontainer.json after the container has been build requires you to rebuild the container for it take effect

To open using Docker locally:

  • Click on the Green icon in the bottom left of VSCode and select “Reopen in Container”

To open in a CodeSpace:

  • Commit your folder to a repo first
  • Open the Remote Explorer (left hand toolbar)
  • Ensure CodeSpaces is selected in the top drop down
  • Click + (Create new CodeSpace) * Follow the prompts

The first pull can be a little slow as the image is quite big. But once it is cached rebuilding the container should take just a few seconds.

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